Meet Me


Hi there! Please call me Dee.

My favourite place as a kid? The library. I grew up consuming books at a rapid rate. It wasn’t until later years in my life that I realized the power of storytelling not only over me, but all of humanity. I have caught myself spellbound in many a story, both true and fictional. I have traveled on the shoulders of the BFG, looked out onto the Lake of Shining Waters with Anne, pranked the Fish with Bruno and Boots, solved mysteries with the Famous Five and fought off the Romans with Asterix and Obelix.  I started this website as a medium to not only share my photographs, but the stories of the people and places I encounter as I travel the world. Photography is a hobby that has grown into a passion that I continue to explore. I still hesitate to call myself a photographer! I consider myself an amateur who still has much to learn. Everyday is a new opportunity to explore the world.

I’m also a handletterer! What the heck is that, yo. It’s someone who does calligraphy, and draws letters by hand, so hopefully you’ll be seeing lots of that here on the blog.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy life through my lens and my pens. 😉